About Me

I have fought obesity since I was 13 years old and 300lbs.  My journey has led me through chronic pain, depression, anxiety, and frustration.  I played Hockey and Tennis during that time, but something was missing.  I realized that despite athletics and competition, my lifestyle was sedentary.  I turned to functional exercise along with better nutrition habits with the help of several key mentors and spun my life around.  Since then, I continue the journey, struggle, and joy of health every day.  During my journey I first became a functional strength and conditioning coach because one of my mentors inspired me and saw in me that I had a knack for the details of human movement, patterns, and their functional applications.

Despite these steps towards a better life, I fought chronic, debilitating pain in the form of headaches, sleepless nights, and severe tension that inhibited me from being at my best.  I finally found success with the help of a talented massage therapist and one of my mentors.  During my many sessions with her, I was inspired to add massage therapy to compliment my coaching.  I thought that if I had suffered chronic pain all along my journey into an active and healthy lifestyle then surely others were plagued by similar problems.  During school I started to research and develop and specialize my skill sets to bring the most benefit to fellow athletes and others who live their lives actively.  

Since that point, I have evolved my training and massage therapy systems to ensure that what I am doing coincides with what human beings need in terms of movement and therapy.  We are all designed around our primary functions; standing, walking, running, and throwing.  After implementing this specificity in my own practice for myself, I have been able to overcome nagging issues and increase my own ability to hold better posture and remain pain free.

I am a Licensed Massage Therapist, a Functional Patterns Human Foundations practitioner, and a Certified Functional Strength Coach. I have been working to enable your active lifestyle for over five years, putting all my skills to use helping to free people from chronic pain that others have been unable to fix. My position as a functional fitness professional and massage therapist puts me in the unique position to have more insight into the underlying problems that people face on a day to day basis.